Saturday, July 02, 2005

About skeptics and Sceptics: Theism as scepticism regarding Atheism

Today, a correspondent draws my attention to the following site:

I am posting my response as it may interest others:

Dear XXX

I do know the site AND much of the material....

Atheism is fine as a negative - as a sort of intellectual and emotional cocoon - as long as things are going well with us physically and financially....

However, apart from the question of truth and Truth (which is always interesting to debate), the issue with not acknowledging a higer being than ourselves is that such lack of acknowledgement:

- tells us nothing about how we should live

- shows us nothing about how or with what values to bring up our children

- gives us nothing with which to cope with sickness or bereavement or indeed our own mortality

- does not tell us how to rebuild our nation - or why we should or how we can work to improve our world...

So it is not surprising that I am sceptical about atheism.

A reading of Alister McGrath's THE TWILIGHT OF ATHEISM: THE RISE AND FALL OF DISBELIEF IN THE MODERN WORLD (published in 2004 by Doubleday) is recommended.

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Derek Walter said...

Great comment regarding this site. If you read through their arguments regarding the Bible, you will find the vast majority of them take no consideration of good exegesis or each book's context and purpose. So like the author of this blog, I am skeptical of the skeptic's annotated Bible.