Monday, January 26, 2015

A friend nursing his wife suffering from cancer (and, foreseeably, bar a miracle, dying soon), writes most movingly

He writes he's praying that his wife 'embraces this phase of her life with peace and assurance, and looks forward to a more splendid journey like Stephen's "Behold I see the Son of Man...", or like Bilbo Baggins "I think I'm quite ready for another adventure" as he boards the ship to Undying Lands, or the valiant and indefatigable Reepicheep the Chief Mouse in Narnia where he sets out in joy and faith for the "utter East," a land “where the sky and water meet, where the waves grow sweet," Aslan's country'.

He goes on to say, 'My heart aches and rejoices at the same time. Each time I look at her sweet face whether asleep or awake, I cannot let go. But as I ponder how cancer has brought down a sweet spirit, I ask God to take and restore her "in the fullness of time."'

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Friday, January 09, 2015

Poem: "'Well Done!', she said"

“Well done!”, she said to him,

Echoing a man

Much greater than herself,

Knowing naught of either

Sweat or agony

Or will of steel

Or doubts or fears.

“When all is done”, he said,

Echoing a man

Much greater than himself,

“There’s little done, and what

Is done, is done but

Poorly - or if

It be done well,

It lasts such little time”.

“There is a man, I’m told”,

She said, “much greater

Than ourselves, who took a

Loaf, a fish, or just some

Mud, or even spit;

Whose touch transforms,

Makes whole, gives sight.

Don’t look! Don't look!!

Each frog’s a prince.”

Prabhu Guptara

9 January 2015

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