Saturday, May 06, 2006

Is there a war on Christians in America?

Since I am not a Christian and don't keep up with such things, I missed the following news story in the Washington Post in March and it has just been brought to my attention:

The news story itself is fairly balanced but naturally does not provide a complete view of the two-day conference in Washington DC convened by radio broadcaster Rick Scarborough on the "War on Christians and the Values Voters in 2006"

Though I Googled the story (which revealed 135 references), I can't find the programme or details of any of the presentations that were given.

So of course I can't say if I agree with any of them.

However, the tone of the comments reported in the above story seems to indicate that the speakers have no understanding that the "war on Christianity" is actually not a war on Christianity at all. Rather that the battle against Christianity is part of a wider war against God, values, spirituality, standards and indeed the concept that anything at all is true.

And, in a war, there are usually at least two sides. If there is a war against Christianity (or God), who is waging it?

Neither the organisers nor any of the people reported in the story indicate they have any clue about who is waging the war.

They should know that the war was started by the global elite, first in Europe and the USA, but that the war really took hold after World War II, through the teaching of evolution and the open attack against God, Christianity and spirituality that was conducted through the new universities and new courses of "education" that took hold in the Sixties following the expansion of higher education with the GI Bill in the USA and similar actions in most Western countries.

The heat that Christians are feeling now is the result of preparatory work going back to the 1830s, and the attack that began to take effect from the 1950s. The attack is complex, and comes as much from apparent friends as from those who are outright foes.

But Christians are not the only ones feeling the heat, because what is at stake is human values.

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