Saturday, November 11, 2006

Why the fight against poverty is failing: a contrarian view

A very commonsense article by the above title has been published by Abraham George, the admirable founder of The George Foundation:

The article is to be commended because it articulates some truths that very much need stating: neither NGOs nor government-to-government assistance breaks the cycle of poverty (that is, neither aid nor charity does so); enterprise isthe only things that can help an individual, a family, a group, a locality, a region or a nation to break out of poverty.

However, Dr. George seems either unaware or unwilling to recognise the fact that that is precisely why ruling elites make it so difficult for their people to start businesses or to flourish in them. Indeed, ruling elites even make it difficult for self-help organisations, mutual-aid societies, micro-finance and NGO-channelled aid to get through to their people.

The reason why countries remain poor is because they are ruled by kleptocracies and worse. There is no other earthly reason today for any individual or community to remain poor. The technology of wealth-creation is well enough understood.

The question that remains is: what aspects of their culture predispose a people to allow thieves and murderers to rule over them?

I guess there is one other: What are the culture-change agencies or modalities or spirit that can enable that peoples to awake from their poverty-creating slumber? Sphere: Related Content

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