Monday, May 28, 2007

Two years ago, at about this time, I was in London briefly to see my daughter and went with her to a play that she wanted to see. It turned out to be a stunning piece of theatre: brilliantly constructed and tackling some of the key questions of our time: fundamentalism, ambition, materialism, cross-cultural life, inter-racial attitudes - all within the context of a British-Muslim family (the author is a Muslim woman).

The play focuses on Mr Rizvi's ambitions to be elected to a local council (that's the equivalent of a municipality), which unravel as family secrets are revealed at the same time as political developments in the wider world turn sour. The play has its bitter-sweet moments of humour but focuses on questions of understanding and misunderstanding, and the clash of values within a family.

CHAOS is the first play by Azma Dar and I am happy to see that her script has been published by the London publisher, Oberon. Sphere: Related Content

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