Thursday, October 18, 2007

The New German Speed, Pace and Momentum

In Munich for a meeting yesterday.

On the way back from Central Munich to the Airport, there is a point in the road where my taxi encounters a traffic jam.

Not being used to traffic jams on German roads outside peak hours, I am curious and ask the driver what the cause might be.

She keeps silent for a moment - and then, as the car swings round a bend, points to a beautiful big board which announces: "Wir bauen für Sie" (more or less, "We're building this for you").

The announcement then provides the total lenght of the motorway that is being (re-)built. And that is a huge distance. All of one kilometre.

Now comes the punchline - Estmimated date of completion?: 2010...!!!

No doubt the bio-mathematically inclined among my readers can calculate and inform me whether this matches, exceeds or is slower than the average pace of a snail. Sphere: Related Content

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