Saturday, December 08, 2007

Summoning some gods to a court of law?!

A friend draws to my attention an interesting story on a BBC website, concerning a dispute regarding the ownership of 1.4 acre plot of land on which stand temples dedicated to the gods Shri Ram and Shri Hanuman - and the question is: does the land belong to the gods or to the priest?

**Hindu gods get summons from court **
A judge in India summon the Hindu gods Ram and Hanuman to help resolve a property dispute.
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This will be a fascinating case, setting a precedent for the millions of temples across the land.

And it will be most interesting to know what the priest is proposing to do with the land IF he gets ownership of it:

Demolish the temple and build a mall?!

But is that really more lucrative than having a temple in the first place?

Unlikely. So my guess is that the priest wants to leave the 2 temples to continue producing money on their own, but sell the remaining land, or build on it for commercial purposes , so as to realise some of the "marginal" value of the land. Sphere: Related Content

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