Thursday, January 24, 2008

Air travel rules and regulations becoming intolerably complicated and confusing

As I travel quite a bit, my travel agency does me the courtesy of informing me of changing rules and regulations, and I must say that these are now becoming a nightmare - only because of the incompetence of the global agencies such as IATA.

When we are constructing global rules for so many things, why can't we have global rules for the maximum allowed baggage in each class, and minimum seat space? Why can't we have uniform rules for simple things such as Lithium Batteries?

Believe it or not, that is the latest thing on which there are now guidelines from the USA. But there are no such guidelines from other countries - with the result that you are allowed to carry them in checked baggage from India, Switzerland and the UK for example, but you will probably be arrested on arrival in the US :-)

The US will, however, allow you to pack spare batteries in carry-on baggage provided the terminals are covered/insulated - though it is not clear what these terms mean.

By the way, "travelers may check bags that contain batteries, as long as they are installed in electronic devices".

But would you really want to put electronic devices in checked bags?! If so, more fool you: don't expect to have them at the other end!

Though if you have just put electronic devices in your just-checked baggage, I pray you get lucky. Sphere: Related Content

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