Monday, February 04, 2008

Responses to my Blogs - which do I publish?

I am always happy to see responses to my Blog postings.

However, I do not publish all responses to my posts.

Some responses are in the nature of private communications even though they come through my Blog site. So these do not even get considered for publication, except by the permission of the senders.

Any incoherent or intemperate mails naturally do not usually get published.

Nor do I generally publish mails by people about whom I know nothing.

I have published one or two "Anonymous" responses, but these are exceptions. Often because I know the person and s/he does not wish to have their name mentioned for some very good reason.

In other cases, I do some due diligence on the Internet and, if there is information on the person available on the Internet, that's fine.

If there is no information that I can track down via the Internet, then I ask to have some minimum information about people who write in before I consider publishing their responses.

A few folk consider this intrusive and unnecessary. But, hey, its *my* website and that is simply the way I wish to operate it :-)

So if you want me to consider publishing your responses, its very simple: Either ensure that there is some minimum information available about you on the Internet (e.g. your own webpage or website) or respond to my request for minimum information about you.

Apart from anything else, that means that we might even become friends :) Sphere: Related Content

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