Saturday, March 22, 2008

Marriage and Caste among Contemporary Indians

I see a spread of arranged-marriage related advertisements in a magazine which serves the Indian diaspora.

There are 89 advertisements.

52 of them put the relevant "caste" as "Brahmin".

27 as "Hindu" (and another as "Hindu (Gujarati)")

7 as "Aggarwal" or "Gupta" or "Bania"

One is down as"Khatri"

Yet another is down simply as "Gujarati", which I take to mean that they are not bothered about the caste provided the other party speaks the language.

Naturally, this listing is only one among many thousands that need to be examined for any proper research on the subject.

But it is striking.... Sphere: Related Content

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mesjay said...

That sure is an interesting ad. One disturbing fact is, many Indian Christian 'believers' are very strict in observing caste, class, etc. in marriage.