Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why the next two months are crucial for the future of India

With inflation at around 7%, the future of the Congress-led coalition is uncertain. The coalition's leftists have due to apparently entirely unpatriotic reasons opposed the civilian nuclear deal with the US. However that deal is crucial for India's energy needs and for India's continued growth. From the US perspective, the deal may be to do with balance of power between China and India. From India's point of view, it is simply to do with survival and progress for the mass of our people.

Fortunately, the BJP seems now to be coming around to supporting the deal, so the UPA can presumably get the deal through with BJP support, even if the leftists continue opposing it.

We will see whether the BJP and/ or the leftists put the country's interests before party interests. If they put the country's interests first, they will back the deal. If they put party interests first, they will scupper the deal - and with it bring the country to a general election in which both the BJP and the leftists will hope ate least to increase their seats in parliament (and perhaps hope to come to power, even in some combination, probably). But it is at least equally possible that the country will be so fed up with BJP/ Leftist behaviour in such an event that Congress may well come to power on its own. Sphere: Related Content

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