Thursday, June 19, 2008

The sick society produced by American capitalism

One in 32 American adults is either behind bars or on probation or parole, according to the the results of a Pew Charitable Trust report released in February 2008, quoted from

Professor Stephen Marglin would perhaps say that this is only to be expected. See my post on his book, THE DISMAL SCIENCE: HOW THINKING LIKE AN ECONOMIST UNDERMINES COMMUNITY (Harvard University Press, 2008).

One of his colleagues tells me that "no one" from the Department of Economics at Harvard speaks with him. He is a brave man and has written a brave book. He will be proved right by history, rather than the majority who continue to feather their own nests by promoting a sick system.

He has tenure so he can't be pushed out by Harvard. But many others who take unfashionable positions have been and are now being pushed out even from tenured positions in US universities.

That is a further sign of how sick the United States has become.

Give me European capitalism any day.

Though the most preferable would be what I call "world capitalism" - based on:
- the best of the human-capitalist tradition of Europe,
- the risk-friendly capitalism of the USA and UK, and
- the new requirement for social justice and for environmental and emotional care worldwide. Sphere: Related Content

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