Thursday, January 01, 2009

Why President Ma of Taiwan needs to be taken to see a psychologist

We all suffer from minor delusions from time to time. But when someone starts from a major delusion for too long, he or she needs to be given psychological treatment

President Ma presumably considered carefully each word in his New Year message to the nation: so he obviously really committed to the peculiar idea that entering the sorts of entanglements that he is now busy entering with communist China will not only leave Taiwan's own sovereignty untarnished but will even help democratise China!

The first is a delusion that might not be big enough to justify President Ma being wheeled off, but what is one to think if he really imagines that a nation of some 25 million is going to fundamentally change the political structure of a "mother country" of 1.4 billion people (that is, some 56 times as big)?

Size isn't everything, you say: Rome conquered Greece militarily, but Greece ended up completely dominating Rome culturally!

True. But the Romans looked UP to Greece!

By contrast, China regards Taiwan as a "renegade province" be bent to the will of China - not the other way round! Sphere: Related Content


David said...

Perhaps Taiwan would learn something of its future from that other "renegade province" - Tibet.

Prabhu said...

It is not only the "renegade province" of Taiwan which is a problem for Communist China.

"Reunified" Hong Kong also presents problems: apparently, even Members of the Hong Kong Legislature are refused entry to "Mainland China" if the Communist Party does not like the Members of the Legislature for any reason - usually, because they are "too democratic".

It is as if Members of the Legislative Assembly of an Indian state were to be denied entry to other parts of India, or Members of the State Legislature of New York were to be denied entry to the rest of the USA.