Monday, February 02, 2009

71% of wealthy Americans are "green" - but how many Europeans? How many Indians?

Fascinating (but totally unsurprising) survey just in, saying that most wealthy Americans Support environmentally- and socially-friendly choices and policies:

The 5th Annual Wealth and Values Survey by PNC Wealth Management, a member of The PNC Financial Services Group Inc., reports that 71 percent of "wealthy" (i.e. with at least $500,000 in investable assets) have socially responsible and green investments in their portfolio. As many as 57 percent say they have up to 25 percent of their portfolio in such investments. Nine percent have between 25-50 percent!

Other findings:
83 percent recycle at home, and 77 believe that “small lifestyle changes can make an impact on the environment if everyone participates.”
56 percent “choose paperless options whenever it is offered.”
53 percent says they will consider environmental issues when they renovate or upgrade their home.
39 percent “plan to buy a hybrid car.”
39 percent say they “do business with companies that have socially responsible corporate initiatives,” while only 15 percent disagree.

If a similar survey was done in Europe, my guess is that the proportions would be roughly similar in Northern Europe, but not as good in Eastern and Southern Europe.

What about China, India, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America....? My guess would be: VERY much lower..... Sphere: Related Content


andrew jones said...

i have been looking at one of your talks on economics - really good stuff!!!! - mercy simson suggested i check out your blog. glad to find it.

jnthn said...

I've heard about these kinds of stats before. The problem is that there is a fundamental inconsistency between what these people say and what they do. A simple example from what you cited, many consider green options when renovating a house--most renovations done for the rich aren't because of need but because of style. They throw away a perfectly function kitchen to rebuild it with the newest style, right now being "green".