Thursday, June 04, 2009

China still does not play by global rules to which it has signed up

see the following story, for evidence regarding collusion between Chinese business and government:

and, 20 years after Tienanmen Square, China's records on human rights is one of the worst for any of the countries that claim to be world leaders in any sense. The behaviour of the Chinese government was horrific, but it was entirely predictable for a Confucian/ Communist country.

It is difficult to see why China should be kept inside the WTO, the UN and other bodies.

The U.S. idea that you can befriend systems into changing seems naive.

Yes, systems need to be befriended if they are to change, but there are terms and conditions to every friendship. And if the conditions are violated, then friendship becomes impossible.

Anyone who wants to remain a "friend" but without accepting the responsibilities involved in being a friend, is not a friend but an exploiter.

So what's new, some people will say.

When you know the DNA, you know the behaviour that can be expected. True, but people have to be given a chance.

The problem is that if people don't take the chance, then they have to be shown the door. And few in the West seems to have the gumption to do that.

I do hope that China will change. But I don't see it changing at present. Sphere: Related Content

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