Friday, July 03, 2009

If you want to understand how to create financial bubbles so you can benefit from them

I have just re-read Huffpost "Goldman Sachs: The Great American Bubble Machine"

It is a great piece. Probably one-sided, in that at least some GS employees and alumni are undoubtedly people of commonsense and conscience...

When I read that piece, a lot of US government moves suddenly started making sense.

Essentially, many of these moves are not about creating or maintaining a level playing field, they are about eliminating competition and establishing domination.

That's fine when it is a company that is trying to do it. It is not fine when a government starts doing it for one company or a small group of companies or even a big group of companies. A government should not be about merely promoting the interests of the stockholders of a particular company or group of companies. Government should be about serving all citizens.

Any government that does not do that eventually loses credibilty and damns its own country (including, by the way, all the stockholders in its companies). Sphere: Related Content

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