Saturday, October 05, 2013

On the degeneration of language and the capacity for thought in England

The use of English in England has now degenerated to the point that University College London says, on its website: "A range of options in Comparative Literature and Film are available".

This is not a unique occurrence; it seems to be the usual way in which the language is used throughout its description of courses on offer to undergraduates.

The reason I was looking at the website is that someone I know had asked for advice regarding which courses to choose.

I was particularly appalled to see: "A range of options in Philosophy are available".

Philosophy, of all disciplines, depends on being able to use language precisely. Language depends on grammar. If even the teachers and organisers of such courses have poor grammar, what can we expect of graduates?

Is it any wonder that slipshod thinking now dominates a country once famed for the quality of its thought?

But I should not be surprised: this is not the only sort of degeneration that is to be expected once the worship of money becomes widespread in any culture.

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