Friday, January 09, 2015

Poem: "'Well Done!', she said"

“Well done!”, she said to him,

Echoing a man

Much greater than herself,

Knowing naught of either

Sweat or agony

Or will of steel

Or doubts or fears.

“When all is done”, he said,

Echoing a man

Much greater than himself,

“There’s little done, and what

Is done, is done but

Poorly - or if

It be done well,

It lasts such little time”.

“There is a man, I’m told”,

She said, “much greater

Than ourselves, who took a

Loaf, a fish, or just some

Mud, or even spit;

Whose touch transforms,

Makes whole, gives sight.

Don’t look! Don't look!!

Each frog’s a prince.”

Prabhu Guptara

9 January 2015

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