Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nano food nonsense

I see that a manufacturer has now announced a a chocolate 'slim' shake "containing nanoclusters" which, the manufacturers apparently claim, carry nutrition "directly into the cell".

Unable to verify the claim using Google (which produces only 7 hits when searched for "chocolate slim shake nano direct cell" - none of them relevant), I thought it worth drawing attention to the nonsensicality of the claim.

*All* food is digested by the body (as needed, in the alimentary canal), and is then taken by the blood "directly to the cells" where that nutrition is needed or otherwise should be delivered.

So whether or not a product contains any special "nanoclusters" is not relevant to the process.

Certain "nanoclusters" could conceivably *impede* the process but I can't think of why or how they would *enhance* or by-pass the process. And, if they did so at all, they should certainly not help you to stay slim and/or lose weight. Rather the opposite! Sphere: Related Content

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