Friday, August 24, 2007

Doing Business with India

The first edition of this book completely passed me by!

The second edition has overviews of "India at a Glance", as well as on its politics and economics, before it explores issues relating to labour, skills and training; real estate; Special Economic Zones; Analyzing the Indian market; Distribution; the vexed question of Partner Selection; Finance, Tax, Accounting, Law, and Business Culture. The book also has sector reports on pharma and energy - though disappointingly not on infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, the massive entertainment and knowledge industries and so on. But rather than complain about that, I am glad that we have reports on at least two important sectors - because it is so difficult to get facts and figures in India (as in all developing countries!).

Published by Global Market Briefings and warmly recommended. Though expensive at £99, it is available for a discounted price of £65 from

I should make it clear that *I* do not get any commission from sales of the book or any of the other activities of Winning Communications. Sphere: Related Content

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