Friday, August 17, 2007

The RSS and Bajrang Dal have now attacked a medical doctor

In what is a spreading incidence of violence across the country, the RSS's hoodlums have now physically attacked Dr Raju, the Chief Surgeon of a Hospital in Kachhwa, Uttar Pradesh, Central India.

Up till now, as far as I know, the RSS confined its attacks to harmless preachers, nuns and other such people.

There is one case where a "real worker", a school principal, was beaten up in Madhya Pradesh.

Now, as far as I know, for the first time, a medical doctor has been beaten up (earlier today, according to a news flash).

Warmest congratulations to the RSS and the Bajrang Dal: perhaps they will now be encouraged to also start beating up normal farmers, shopkeepers, office workers, drivers, lab technicians, IT workers, heads of businesses, advertisers, ordinary housewives, and so on.

And, eventually, when it finally dawns on the exceedingly acute intelligence of the RSS and Bajrang Dal, that its terror tactics do not work on any and all of these, the RSS and Bajrang Dal will then no doubt rise to the ultimate masochistic height of beating each other too. Sphere: Related Content


Ritu said...

"I am sorry and upset that some fascist Hindus see even a medical doctor as a threat to Hinduism, rather than as a means of healing for the deep spiritual and physical problems of our society".


Anonymous said...
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Davita said...

Thank you for your post in the wake of such disturbing news about the fascist Hindus' horrifying and crude behavior towards Dr. Raju. Dr. Raju's work in India has been nothing but commendable. His committment to his hospital, to providing medical care to those who can't afford it, and to social work in Uttar Pradesh, is respected internationally... And yet he is not welcome in his own home!
We are shocked; the fact that some are writing and reacting intelligently, and speaking out on this innocent doctor's behalf, brings our family hope!

Alex said...

We are waiting for a comment from the Hindu fanatics who perpetuated this crime. Their continued silence will only serve to condemn them further.