Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"I cannot sleep tonight because of Orissa; can you, Sir?"

Though the situation in Orissa is quite complex, there is no excuse for either the state or the central governments failing to protect innocent citizens of whatever caste or creed. Similarly, there is no excuse for failing to bring the culprits to justice, whether in the case of the murder of the Swami, or in the case of the murder of tribals and other economically disadvantaged individuals and families.

Meanwhile, I have received a copy of the following message to Shri Navin Patnaik, Chief Minister of Orissa, and am putting it on my blog with the kind permission of Shri Kostka.

Many will be interested to see whether he receives any response from Shri Patnaik.


Dear Sir,

I am an Indian professional who, after having spent about half my life overseas, has recently returned to work towards the development and progress of India.

When I left India the last time in 1999 it was with the haunting images of Graham Staines and his two innocent sons burnt alive as they slept in a jeep in rural Orissa.

My first Christmas back in India, last year, was against the backdrop of innocent SC and ST Christians having their churches and homes torched, pursued and persecuted, forcing many to spend cold weeks in the jungles.

If that was not bad enough, this past week, following the heinous murder of the Swami and his colleagues reportedly by Maoists/Naxalites, even worse terror has been unleashed on the hapless Christians in your state.

Surely, having learned from last December's experience, you would know better to dispatch police and para-military forces immediately to the sensitive areas.

Instead we are reading reports of your officials standing "helplessly" as Hindutva mobs rape, beat up, burn (alive), hack to pieces and just simply kill Christians as well as destroy their personal and institutional properties.

I certainly cannot sleep while this goes on; can you, sir?

Aghast, ashamed, anxious and awaiting your urgent response to turn around the situation,

Ivan Kostka
Chief Visionary Officer

PS: I am praying and fasting for you and the state of Orissa. Sphere: Related Content

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