Thursday, August 14, 2008

More on Bulgarian corruption now aided and abetted by the EU

Here is further information from my correspondent:

"It’s interesting that there are EU funds available for smaller businesses. But the universal experience has been that there is not only a vast amount of effort involved (in getting hold of the funds) - the process is effectively filtered by the current government, (so that) it’s almost impossible to get the required approvals without involving a Minister or Deputy Minister in the process financially.

Consequently these smaller business no longer bother to participate and generally believe that these funds will never find their way into the “real” economy and will be largely stolen in one form or other by the associates of the current government. Business seems to be doing business in areas which don’t involve the approval of the State we have two parallel system one fully dysfunctional, corrupted from within, and the other (real estate etc) proceeding apace. The latter however cannot create deep economic benefit or long lasting benefit - the country needs production and it’s hard to see (that that is going to develop).

Yes, it really is depressing. I just cannot see resolution of this. If the EU renews the funding flow to Bulgaria this would be almost criminal. The EU needs to flex what muscle it has. I thought that Accession would have been good for Bulgaria - I now believe that it might be in the very long term but in a reasonable timeframe it would have been better for the EU to have withheld membership for 2 years. This would have seen the real implementation of the Laws passed. The Bulgarians just enacted and “normalized” various regulations as a ruse - they never had any intention whosoever of auctioning these law. How could they? They would have to act against their own interests - and as we can see they are NOT willing to take action against the obvious criminal elements in Bulgarian Society and as a result Bulgaria is sinking deeper into the mire of immoral business practices." Sphere: Related Content

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