Sunday, November 29, 2009

Financial and asset bubbles cannot be avoided, but....

We are constantly bombarded with the propaganda that financial and asset bubbles cannot be avoided.

This is meant by interested parties as a move to paralyse debate about the number and size of bubbles and whether anything can be done to limit those.

An exactly parallel statement might be that life is full of dangers. But that does not mean that nothing can or should be done about such dangers and, in reality, each of us goes about reducing such dangers as far as possible.

Even those among us who enjoy extremely dangerous activities such as going to the frozen wastes of the Antarctic or the Himalayas, or take to bungee jumping and such, do take all the training possible, all the equipment possible and all the safeguards possible to minimise risk.

So the intelligent question to ask is NOT "Can asset and financial bubbles be avoided" (which would be like asking "Can dangers be eliminated from life") but: "Can the frequency, number and size of bubbles be contained?"

And the answer to that question is a clear "YES".

Two DVDs have recently been produced which provide easy-to-follow light on related subjects:

1. Dr. Bernard Lietaer's "Money for the Future" (the German-language version, "Geld für Zukunft" is on the same DVD), and

2. Dr. Margrit Kennedy's "Re-inventing Money" (the German-language version is "Geld new gestalten", also on the same DVD).

The first lasts 50 minutes, the second 65 minutes. Both are produced by Zeitfilm Media GmbH, Rutschbahn 33, 20146 Rotherbaum, Hamburg, Germany (Telephone: +49 40 414699-40). The cost is Euros 17.80 each, or 30 euros for the two. Regretfully, Zeitfulm does not seem to have an email ID that is publicly available, nor is their website in English at least at present! However, an order in English to the following should secure your copies: Sphere: Related Content

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