Saturday, November 21, 2009

How Airlines Can Improve Profits While Encouraging Healthy Habits Among Passengers

On a recent flight, I noticed that the following alcoholic drinks were on offer: two kinds of beer, three kinds of white wine, two kinds of red wine, and at least a dozen different kinds of spirits.

By contrast, there were only two kinds of non-alcoholic drinks: orange juice and apple juice.

I should point out that I have nothing against people consuming alcohol in reasonable quantities outside aircraft and airports. But I do get irritated by the consumption of alcohol in airports and flights because alcohol dries out the human body, which is why the medical advice is that one should not consume alcohol for a sufficient time before getting on a flight, nor should alcohol be consumed during a flight.

The body dries up during flights anyway - partly as a result of the radiation that comes through the body of an airplane at high altitudes, and partly because of the processed air that one has to breathe during flights. Adding the dehydration caused by alcohol is pretty stupid. On long flights, consuming alcohol can contribute to the formation of blood clots and what is called deep vein thrombosis.

So we have airlines encouraging unhealthy behaviour.

But the really interesting thing is that airlines are encouraging unhealthy behaviour at an increased cost to themselves!

Fruit juices are not only much healthier to consume during flights but also cost much less than alcoholic drinks. And there is such a wonderful array of fruit juices that could be offered! BTW I am always puzzled when I am offered orange juice in countries where no oranges grow - and I am even more puzzled when restaurants in many countries cannot offer me the juice of any of the fruits that do grow in their country.

Anyway, my point is that airlines can contribute to the health of their passengers at the same time as they can improve their profits if they stop serving alcoholic drinks during flights. Sphere: Related Content

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