Friday, March 19, 2010

Non-Muslims in Pakistan

The Pakistani Embassy in at least one country is refusing to renew Passports for citizens who are not Muslims, asking them to convert to Islam before the Passport can be renewed.

This naturally makes it impossible for non-Muslim Pakistanis to remain abroad or to travel abroad.

I have not been in touch with any Pakistani official about this matter, as I do not know any Pakistani officials in the country concerned.

But if I was to get in touch, I would expect them to issue a routine denial, as that is not the image of "tolerant Islam" and "multicultural Pakistan" that Pakistan probably wishes to project.

However, experiences are experiences. I am retailing above the experience of someone I know personally.

To counter it persuasively (at least so far as I am concerned), Pakistani authorities would need to produce some facts rather than a mere denial.

What kinds of facts? Perhaps the figures regarding how many Passports of non-Muslims have in fact been renewed in the last year. Sphere: Related Content

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