Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Retirement presents

At my retirement party yesterday, some of the participants very kindly gave me some presents.

I found the presents fascinating, in terms of what the generous folk thought I might need or like.

Among the presents were:
- wine (I don’t usually imbibe, but I can always find good uses for it!),
- chocolate (great, but not as yummy as Indian sweets!),
- a bottle of jam made of fruit found only in Brazil (most interesting!),
- a CD of music by Bryn Hawroth and another by Barry Maguire (both favourites),
- a fairy figure (must investigate what this is or is supposed to symbolize or do),
- a copy of his book by the author himself (autographed, lovely!),
- a comic novel, and a thriller in English.

The last two, presumably, because, in retirement, I am going to lack both fun and thrills. Sphere: Related Content

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