Monday, May 16, 2011

Why did the West rise, and why is it falling?

I am delighted to hold in my hand a copy of a book that was sent to me for pre-publication review: Dr Vishal Mangalwadi's THE BOOK THAT MADE YOUR WORLD (just published by Thomas Nelson, USA).

From childhood, I have wondered what made the West so rich and influential.

Having investigated this in a disorganised way over several decades, I am stunned by Dr Mangalwadi's systematic, clear, and easily-understandable explanation.

Every person who wants to understand the modern world must read this book - though I disagree profoundly with some of the details of what he writes.

The book goes beyond the usual and totally unsatisfactory explanations of accident, "muggins' turn", fate, weather, geography, guns, steel, and rationality.

THE BOOK THAT MADE YOUR WORLD explains not only what made the West great, but also why it is failing.

Reading this volume will also, by implication, clarify what needs to be done to steer globalisation away from its current volatility, vulnerability and unfairness.

If you wish to help build an environmentally-responsible, stable, prosperous, and humane world, then this book is essential reading. Sphere: Related Content

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