Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Response to my article on Eliminating Black Money in India

From a friend who is at present based in New Zealand:

Nice one Prabhu!

It is very telling that so many periodicals refused to publish your
article, especially as it is a such a "garam alu". It was a good move
to state who these organisations were at the end of your article.

In NZ there is a Serious Fraud Office. The point you make of the need
for total independence for the organisation dealing with these crimes
is vital.

I note the following about the SFO:
"The Government minister responsible for the SFO is the Minister of
Police. However, under the Serious Fraud Office Act 1990, the Director
of the SFO has complete independence when it comes to operational

On another topic - one thing I often think about is a government
structure that could replace what we have. We need democracy but we
need to get beyond party politics, where the governments become so
self-serving during their short terms of office in order to ensure
getting voted in again. Too many of our politicians are voted in by
ignorant voters due to popularity and good marketing rather than their
skills and experience.

I think we need a performance-based system where a CEO-type PM is able
to stay in power as long as a list of KPIs are being met. They could
then plan 10 or 20 years ahead.

I've got a few more ideas but I need to think further about them. Sphere: Related Content

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