Saturday, August 12, 2006

Call for liberalisation of Indian primary and secondary education repeated by Mr Narayana Murthy of Infosys

Software icon Mr Narayana Murthy has repeated his call for the liberalisation of Indian primary and secondary education. He said this in the context of arguing that economic liberalisation has not touched the poor and makes no sense unless it addresses their basic needs

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He is reported to have said: "One of the strangest things that I have not understood (and) which I have asked many ministers in the Centre including the Prime Minister - I have received no answer - why we delicensed our industrial sector in 1991. But even today our primary and secondary education is not delicensed".

My reflections:

Why liberalise only primary and secondary education? Why not tertiary education as well?

Why not start Public Interest Litigation on the issue?

Or why not ask under the Right to Information Act the following questions:

- Has the government ever considered removing bureaucratic controls on schools?

- If so, what were the arguments for and against?

- Would the Courts please direct the Government to liberalise education immediately? Sphere: Related Content

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Musings on India said...

What is the worst thing that can happen? Education is one of the issues that can be politicized and open to exploitation by politicians who need to stay in the limelight. There are no concrete reasons why private sector and foreign participation should not be allowed in the education sector. Forget tertiary education, education is not even considered an industry by the government which makes it next to impossible to get bank loans easily.