Sunday, August 22, 2010

On the second anniversary of the Kandhamal massacre

You may recollect that it is two years since the massacres took place in Orissa, India.

Though the official figures do not add up, they do provide a picture of how little has been done in terms of justice (the picture is similar in terms of actual help to the victims):

Number of complaints lodged: 3232
Number of cases actually registered by the police: 831

Cases committed to so-called "fast track courts": 193
Number of cases actually being tried in court at present: 95

Number of cases which have been closed: 91

Number of persons convicted 176
Life imprisonment sentences 5

Persons arrested so far 794
Persons acquitted 653 Sphere: Related Content

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Anonymous said...

Is there not a moral law above the law of the land? It seems that higher powers(GOD) of heaven and earth has a lot of patience while dealing with the the perpetrators of the inhuman,insane and nasty crimes at kandhamal.
We have been waiting for so long, i guess we can wait more , rather we can't do anything but wait.
May GOD have mercy on us.