Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reflections on World Humanitarianism Day (19 August)

My friend Iqbal Alimohamed has published a moving and well-crafted piece reflecting on World Humanitarian Day: D:\Documents and Settings\t850632\Local Settings\Temp\alimohamed190810 htm.html

Basically, Iqbal sets forth the usual view that humanitarianism consists of two aspects: volunteering and philanthropy.

Naturally I agree with his view.

However, in addition to volunteerism and philanthropy, my view is that humanitarianism today demands the even more important matter of working for a humanitarian world system (rather than elitist world system as we currently have).

By the way, in my view, a humanitarian world system necessarily also involves ecological responsibility (rather than the sort of ecological irresponsibility which is structured into our current world system). Sphere: Related Content

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