Sunday, August 22, 2010

What you can do today to defend freedom of thought

What you can do today is to spend a few minutes to understand the Defamation of Religions Resolution at the UN.

Then say NO to the Resolution, and say YES to the right to freedom of thought.

What's it all about?

In the United Nations, the Defamation of Religions Resolution will be voted on again this year. Its supporters claim that it protects freedom. In reality it does the exact opposite. It gives governments the power to determine which views can and can’t be expressed in their country, and it gives the state the right to punish those who express ‘unacceptable’ views.

In effect, the bill makes it legal for governments to oppose and persecute free thought.

Incredibly, many countries have backed this annual resolution in the past, but some are now changing their minds, so that it has decreasing support. This year, there is a real possibility the Resolution could be defeated. And you can help. That is why you are urged to sign the petition above.

For a quick view of the background, see:

For a much fuller explanation, see:

So HOW do you say "NO" to this Resolution?

Simple: write to your government (address it to your country's Head of State, with copies to the Foreign Minister and the Home Minister) and give the reasons why you believe that your government should oppose the Resolution.

There are also several internet campaigns against the Resolution, some from religiouis bodies, and some from secular, atheistic, agnostic and humanitarian bodies. Sign on to whichever most appeals to you.

In any case, do get behind the campaign to defeat the most pernicious attack on free thought in the whole of recorded history. Sphere: Related Content

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