Saturday, November 06, 2010

10-point action plan for the USA

NOT mine, but that of a business executive I met recently; here it is without any comments from me, for or against, simply so you see how a lot of Americans are thinking:

1. Close the borders; return “Illegal” persons to country of origin; especially the criminals sitting in our jails.

2. Reform the tax code; move to national sales tax.

3. Term Limits on politicians at all levels.

4. Compulsory National Service (Armed Forces, Peace Corp, Local Community, etc.)

5. Tort Reform. (at present, the system benefits the Medical & Insurance industry; punish frivolous lawsuits)

6. National Skilled Labor Training System – not everyone needs to go to college

7. Reform Welfare – work if you are able, everyone should contribute, stop systematic reward for bad behavior

8. Citizenship not guaranteed by being born on U.S. soil.

9. Amnesty Program for U.S. Citizens and companies to bring cash back on shore.

10. Mandatory Balance of the Budget at Federal, Local & State levels. Sphere: Related Content

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