Friday, November 05, 2010

New Global Economic Governance?

New Global Economic Governance?

Another issue that President Sarkozy would like to put at the heart of the next G20 summit is what he calls " new global economic governance"

Here is his thinking: "what global governance have we got in the economic sphere? We have successfully reformed the World Bank; (and) the IMF reform is clearly at last on the agenda. (But) what role (should) the IMF (have)? What representation in the IMF? What role in the IMF for regions like Africa? . Where are the decisions taken? Who takes them? According to what democratic process?"

All important questions. Which is why they will be subject to plenty of horse trading and to plenty of gambling on the part of the leaders concerned, since every decision means incalculable benefits or disadvantages for the players – and for the world. Sphere: Related Content

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