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Prabhu's Personal Annual Report for 2010

As this is now ready, here it is for your interest.

However, kindly do NOT come back to me for copies of material: if material is in the public domain, it will be accessible either from the websites indicated or by Googling it. If the material is not for publication yet, then please have patience till it is: usually, everything interesting and useful will find its way on to my personal website(though please note this is under construction)

Personal Annual Report for 2010: Main Activities:

(A brief report and/or related material is available on most of these, at the web-site for Wolfsberg)

- "Indian Companies Going Global: Challenges and Opportunities for Indian and European Companies" with Prof. Dr. Winfried Ruigrok and Dr. des. Prasad Oswal, India Centre, University of St. Gallen, and with Collin Timms, Chairman, Guardian Bank, Bangalore, India, held at Wolfsberg, January 25

- "Russia's Foreign Policy Priorities and Challenges: Lessons for Europe", with Dr. Vladimir Orlov, President of PIR Center, Moscow, Russia, held at Wolfsberg, April 22

- "The East Rises as the West Declines?: A Business View", with The Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE, The House of Lords, England, held at Wolfsberg, May 11

- "President Obama and the "New" USA: An American Business Perspective", with Mr. Robert S. Milligan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington D.C., held at Wolfsberg, September 24

- "Economy and Government in a Time of Crisis: The Chinese View", with Professor Yunlong E, of Beijing University (also, Senior Consultant of China Xinxing Corporation), Beijing, China, held at Wolfsberg, September 29

- "Revolutionary Times in Technology: Assessing Latest Investment Risks, Enhancing Returns, Improving Global Policies", with Dr. Nigel M. de S. Cameron, President, Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, Washington D.C., USA, October 6

- "Business and Climate Change: The Current Science and the Implications for Business" with Prof. Sir David King, Senior Scientific Advisor to UBS and Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford, held at Wolfsberg, November 9

- "Innovation and IT leading economic growth", with Mr Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro Technologies, Bangalore, held at the Widder Hotel Zürich, January 25, 2011


- Collin Timms, Chairman, Guardian Bank, Bangalore, India

- Sudeep Sen, Indian poet, Delhi, India (also Editor of Atlas magazine, Delhi, India)

- The Lord Michael Hastings, The House of Lords, London, UK

- Mr Satish Kumar, Schumacher College/ Resurgence Magazine, UK

- Professor Yunglong E, Beijing University, China

- Dr C.K.Thong, President and CEO, LDI, China

- Dr. Nigel M. de S. Cameron, President, Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, Washington D.C., USA


- Monthly articles under the nom de plume "Dadu" in Forward Press Magazine, Delhi, India

- Article: "How India treats Diaspora Youth", The International Indian magazine (Dubai), p58-59, January

- Article: "Verghese Kurien: Why do Indians not honour each other?", The International Indian magazine (Dubai), pp42-43, March

- Article: "Agri-Tourism and Slum-Tourism",?", The International Indian magazine (Dubai), p p50-51, May

- Article: "Self-Governance: Swiss vs Indian", The International Indian magazine (Dubai), pp72-73, July

- Article: "Education and Indian Chutzpah", The International Indian magazine (Dubai), pp72-73, September

- Article: "The Disadvantages of Liberalisation", The International Indian magazine (Dubai), pp44-45, November

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- Lecture: "The Current Situation in Europe", Coronado, San Diego, California, USA, February 20

- Lecture: "Whatever Happened to America?", University Club, Pasadena, California, USA, February 23

- Lecture: "The Business Consequences of Globalisation and Homogeny for SMEs", at the Third Annual Academic Conference organised by LCC International University on the theme of "Responses to Cultural Homogeny: Engagement, Resistance or Passivity", Klaipeda, Lithuania, April 9-10

- Lecture: "The Global Economic Crisis: A Moral and Ethical Perspective", L'Abri, Switzerland, April 17

- Lecture: "The Global Economic Crisis: Is it Past? And what of the Future?", Expat Media, Dubai, UAE, May 5

- Lectures: "Towards a Sophisticated Understanding of Strategy and Organisation Development", Doctoral Seminar, Bangalore, India, June 21 to 25

- Lecture: "The Impact of Law and Economics in Reconciliation & Social Transformation", Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy, Geneva, Switzerland, June 30

- Lecture: "The Global Economic and Financial System: A Sustainability Perspective", YES Seminar, Braunwald, Switzerland, July 4

- Lecture: "Cultural Leadership in a Global Context", Sampad, Birmingham, U.K., July 22

- Lecture: "Global Financial Services: Changing Shape?", UBS Investment Banking Executive Directors' Experienced Talent Programme, London, July 23

- Lecture: "Flourishing Morally in a Culture of Lies", Berlin Leadership Forum (Berliner Führüngskräfte Tag), Berlin, Germany, September 18

- Lecture: "The Changing Landscape of Business", San Antonio, USA, October 14

- Lecture: "Business in the Global Era", Cape Town, South Africa, October 18

- Lecture: "Key Issues for South Africa in a Globalising World ", Durban, South Africa, October 29

- Lecture: "The Five Major Approaches to Life and Business", Durban, South Africa, October 30


- Moderated meetings of The Trinity Forum in Goa, London and Zurich

- Moderator, The Zermatt Summit, Zermatt, Switzerland, May 3 to 6

- Moderator, Liberty Fund Colloqium, Udaipur, India, May 6 to 9

- Moderator, The Stein-Am-Rhein Symposium (stars), September 25-28


- Distinguished Professor of Global Business, Management and Public Policy, William Carey University, Meghalaya, India

- Lectures at various conferences and institutions (see above)

- Cited in:

- Member, International Advisory Panel, Institute for International Business Relations, Germany

- Member, Executive Board, IFB Institute of Management, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

- Member, Advisory Board, Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy, Switzerland

- Member, Organising Committee, Stein-Am-Rhein Symposium (stars), Switzerland


- Visit to China (Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing and Beidaihe), with a Delegation from the Stein-Am-Rhein Foundation (stars Foundation), Switzerland, January 9 to 18

- Dinner with a Chinese Delegation, Stein-Am-Rhein, May 20

- Event with Peter Voser, Chief Executive of Shell, Wolfsberg, June 10

- Opening of the Exhibition, "Where Three Dreams Cross" (photographs on India, Pakistan and Bangladesh), Fotomuseum, Winterthur, Switzerland, June 11

- "Art of Leadership" (UBS Experienced Talent Program), Wolfsberg, 16 July

- Indian Independence Day Annual Celebration, Indian Embassy, Berne, Switzerland, August 15

- The Performance Theatre, Venice, Italy, September 17 -18


- Member, Global Advisory Council, Development Alternatives, New Delhi, India

- Member, The Gerson Lerrman Group's Financial & Business Services Council

- Member, Academic Council, William Carey University , Shillong, India (up to 2012)

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