Tuesday, February 01, 2011

British companies WANT to bribe!

In fact, they want so desperately to bribe that they have put the British government under intense pressure. As a result, the government has delayed implementing the Bribery Act. The delay has infuriated the OECD, which has now threatened to blacklist British companies!

What a reversal from the moral age introduced by the work of William Wilberforce!

For the full story: http://link.ft.com/r/S4XZQQ/LQMSO4/ENQ2/40PKV6/HD6H2A/AZ/t?a1=2011&a2=2&a3=1

Though we can thank God there are still lots of businesses committed to ethics, it appears that their number is declining, and we await another Wilberforce to so change the global cultural climate that business becomes againn indisputably responsible and moral. Sphere: Related Content

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