Sunday, July 17, 2011

Censoring discussion in British schools

I was somehow under the strange impression that schools were meant to encourage intellectual curiosity, discussion, and enbaling children to make up their own minds about all sorts of things.

Apparently not:

What SHOULD be the policy in regard to any subject? Surely to present different points of view, so that children can assess for themselves the merits and demerits of the various possible positions on the subject?

For example, in the above case, there could and should have been encouragement not only for the teacher to present her own point of view, but for there to be the presentation of the point of view that they are the same, that they are antagonistic, that the matter is irrelevant to modern life, and so on.

Instead this school has chosen to try to stifle discussion, debate and intellectual curiosity.

Why does this school think it exists?

Should it not be closed down so that students can go to another school which does serve the purposes for which schools were created? Sphere: Related Content

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