Thursday, July 07, 2011

unethical behaviour of British train companies

British train companies are now routinely continue selling tickets for journeys on specific services even beyond the point where it is abundantly clear that there is insufficient space for more passengers.

In the past, unless you booked a seat, tickets were sold on the basis that it was your luck whether the train was empty or over-full, since there was little that could predict how full a train was going to be.

However, now that all sales are computerised, it is perfectly possible to predict more or less exactly (let us say within 5%) how full a train, and indeed a particular coach within a train, is likely to be.

In spite of that, British train companies now oversell by perhaps as much as 100% the space available - rather, to be precise, they continue selling tickets regardless of whether or not space is available. In other words, they fulfil demand, but take no responsibilty for providing the service sold.

If this trend continues, Britain may come to find that passengers are forced to sit on top of train roofs or hang on to the sides of trains - much as passengers do in most parts of the third world.

Britain has already joined the ranks of the third world in many areas, but train travel is one area where it can keep clear of that unflattering comparison - if train companies, regulators and/ or legislators so decide. Sphere: Related Content

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