Wednesday, August 03, 2011

increasing tensions in East Asia

In case you have not been watching this region:

Following China's massive spending for several decades on its military, navy and air force as well as its ventures in space, its neighbours have been getting increasingly worried.

Now China has warned the US to stay out of the region, chased a US unmanned reconnaisance plane out of international air space, threatened to ram a Philipppine survey ship, and called "irresponsible" a Japanese defense paper that draws attention to China's naval threat and "overbearing" behaviour. In other words, China wants to decide where anyone can go, even in international airspace and waters, and China wants to censor any expressions of concern about what it is doing.

Expect more temperature-raising moves by China in the South China Sea (or, more correctly, East Asian Sea) area, but expect, as I have said earlier, if there is to be a major war launched by China, it will be against India as it has the weakest umbrella from the USA, and is therefore the weakest country bordering China. Sphere: Related Content

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