Saturday, August 06, 2011

What President Obama needs to do to win the next elections

The US economy will strengthen over the next few weeks.

Therefore President Obama has a window of opportunity right now.

Will he use it well?

That is what will determine whether he wins the next election.

What might it mean for him to use the opportunity well?

It will mean showing that he (and the US) have the ability and the will to lead the world to a new level of globalisation.

That involves incorporating minimum standards of health, safety, living standards and environmental care into global trade rules.

Paradoxically, doing that will help job creation, and therefore the economy as a whole, even in the US.

In fact, incorporating such rules into global trade is the only way the US economy can revive (otherwise, US manufacturing will constantly be undercut by China's).

Getting the economy motoring, and restoring the US to global leadership, is the only way President Obama can hope to renew his mandate. Sphere: Related Content

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