Thursday, August 04, 2011

Not God's Type

That's the title of a beautifully-written autobiography by Holly Ordway, an English Literature Prof, and competitive fencer.

I don't much care for fencing but, apart from that, I found the book a touching, moving, and profound exploration of atheism (though her atheism was mature, quite unlike my own child-atheism).

I have never written properly about my journey, while she is an excellent chronicler of her two-steps-forward-one-step-sideways-one-step-backward spiritual journey.

Much like mine, however, was the shock involved in discovering that the irrational position is that of the atheist.

Discovering too, then, what God is really like, was sweet and strange for her (as it was for me).

A short book, it can be read easily and quickly - though it merits savouring.

Published by Moody Publishers, USA, last year (2010). Sphere: Related Content

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