Friday, January 13, 2012

Assessment of Global Risks 2012 by the World Economic Forum

If you have not yet read the WEF view for this year's Global Risks, I encourage you to read it:

Here are the top five clusters of risk (which they call risk-related Centres of Gravity):

•Chronic fiscal imbalances (economic)
•Greenhouse gas emissions (environmental)
•Global governance failure (geopolitical)
•Unsustainable population growth (societal)
•Critical systems failure (technological)

I am surprised to find "unsustainable population growth" included here, as it is fairly clear that global population growth will start declining shortly. The biggest societal risk is surely the rise of a worldwide "me" generation, that cares little for wider society and does not want to get involved in politics, leaving the first field to a few do-gooders, and the second field to liars, thieves and murderers. Sphere: Related Content

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