Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Druid forecast versus mine for 2012

A cheerful bit of news from a local newspaper in the UK apparently says: “2012 will be a great year... Druids... have high hopes after the Sun shone on Stonehenge, in Wiltshire, yesterday to mark the Winter Solstice.”

The friend who sends me the above says: "THANK YOU, DRUIDS! We could all do with a great year".

Yes, we could indeed all do with a great year.

But if what is meant by a great year is a great year financially or economically, you'll have to wait to see whether the Druids are right, or I....

Meanwhile, the really good news is that money isn't everything. It isn't even signify a lot. Money is merely a necessity or convenience. What matters is what one does with the money one has, however little that may be.

Do good to others. Spread cheer to the people you come across. Reach out to the poorest and most miserable folk that you may not even know personally, through people you trust. That way, whatever is happening in global economics and politics, the year will be a great one for you and yours. Sphere: Related Content

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Joanna said...

Very well put. How sad our lives get measured by the wealth and things we have accumulated, instead of the depth of relationships we have forged.

Thanks for posting your thoughts over the years