Saturday, July 08, 2006

a further comment on my Blog regarding the Danish cartoons on the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)


Your blog comments are excellent. I am largely in agreement as you know.

Only one caveat is suggested, and it is on a slightly different subject. The Western media, in its secular bent and determination to ridicule faith, has increasingly lampooned Christianity. As you will recall, the Brooklyn Museum of Art exhibited a picture of Jesus Christ in a bottle of urine and in another instance there was the Virgin Mary shown with elephant faeces splattered over her. Although there have been strong vocal objections, there has been no real violence. As a result I suspect the media has developed increasing comfort in ridiculing faiths of all kinds.

As a Christian, I object to ridicule of my faith and pretenses of art that are vulgar and untrue, and I suspect even moderate Moslems interested in helping their people evolve into the modern world also resent ridiculing media acts concerning the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Although the real fight is internal within Islam, we still do not need to provide any unnecessary ammunition for the extremists to provoke violence and use their quest for power as a way to recruit supporters with religious excuses. Like most so-called religious wars, the real motivations were either commercial or territory and power grabs, but religion has always been a better recruiting tool than the truth. So it is with the Moslem extremists some of whose religious devotion is highly questionable.

As usual, you thinking and reasoning is superb……all the best….AM Sphere: Related Content

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