Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trying to claim air miles

1. When I try to book a flight using my air miles or similar, I find the system insists on having my Credit Card details - how is that relevant or useful to them in this context?

2. When I try and offer Feedback to the company, I find that the system wants me to re-type my Address details even though the system already has them!

Are these examples of simple stupidity on the part of people who set up and approve such systems? Or are they deliberate barriers put in the way of people actually making use of air miles and similar systems?

I will be glad to have some enlightenment on this matter, as the companies concerned (in my experience) either charge you to make phone calls to them (and seem to hire extremely unintelligent or ill-trained people to "help" you), or don't reply to e-mails for several days - and then usually do so with form letters. Sphere: Related Content

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