Saturday, July 29, 2006

Is the nuclear agreement with India really bad for the US as the NYT claims?

The New York Times said in an editorial on Friday, 28 July that the Indo-US nuclear deal is "a bad deal" for America.

"Many on Capitol Hill had complained in 2005 that the Bush administration was taken to the cleaners when it negotiated a nuclear cooperation deal with India...But with so much pro-India lobbying money sloshing around up there, hopes are fast fading that Congress will do anything to fix it," it said, adding that "an army of lobbyists earned their keep this week when the House overwhelmingly approved the deal with minimal restrictions".

If this is so, then it would be easy to find out who the deal would actually be good for: all that is needed is minimal research to find out who was spending all that lobbying money. Sphere: Related Content

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