Monday, July 17, 2006

Jesus and the Republicans in the USA

The following article, while not something with which I agree 100%, is still broadly in line with my own understanding of Jesus.

In any case, I provide a brief quote and the link to it for your interest:

"The evangelical subculture, which prizes conformity above all else, doesn't suffer rebels gladly, and it is especially intolerant of anyone with the temerity to challenge the shibboleths of the religious right. I understand that. Despite their putative claims to the faith, the leaders of the religious right are vicious toward anyone who refuses to kowtow to their version of orthodoxy, and their machinery of vilification strikes with ruthless, dispassionate efficiency. Longtime friends (and not a few family members) will shuffle uneasily around me and studiously avoid any sort of substantive conversation about the issues I raise — and then quietly strike my name from their Christmas-card lists. " Sphere: Related Content

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