Sunday, September 23, 2007

How can you be too efficient?


As the new divisional boss, demand "out of the box" or (in James Collins' language) "big hairy Big Hairy and Audacious Goal" (BHAG) efficiency and productivity improvements.

When your subordinates provide these BHAG gains, you will of course earn a massive bonus in your first year.

Now, repeat the procedure in the 2nd year.

And, if you have really deserved your bonuses, take careful note of the fact that this is the time to jump to another job.


Because if you don't, your CEO will certainly demand a similar or greater improvement in productivity in the 3rd year, and you won't be able to perform at all becaue there won't be any other real savings that can be made. So the system will seize up if you make additional cuts....

However, I must not forget to mention that you do have an alternative to moving jobs: cook the books...

That's probably how half the current "cooked books" problems have arisen in the past few years. Sphere: Related Content

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