Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Vatican on the Road

The Vatican has always been on the side of the elites. That is why it opposed even by violence those who worked to reduce its absolute control of Europe before the Reformation.

I had thought that the Vatican might have learnt something in the 800 yers since people started struggling to reform the Roman Catholic Church, or at least in the 500 years since the actual Reformation, but it seems to have only learnt to become even more skilled at politics.

That comment is occasioned by coming across, recently, the Roman Catholic Church's attempt to distract attention from its numerous current problems by issuing a set of "Ten Commandments for the Road" - or "Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road".

These "Commandments" are addressed only to ordinary people.

But are most of the real problems of life on the road created by ordinary pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicle drivers or rather by governments and by the transport businesses?

So if the Vatican were to issue "Commandments" for transport businesses or, even better, "Commandments" to governments, I am sure that would make them most popular. Sphere: Related Content

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